Yee-Haw! Holding a Southern-Style Wedding at Locations in Georgia

Couples getting married experience a mixture of dread and excitement as they plan their weddings. Getting married shows everyone that the couple is serious in their commitment to stay true to each other and face life together, “’til death do them part.” Romance aside, the soon-to-be married couple also needs to be practical with their wedding preparations.

If either of the couple hails from the South, planning the wedding may prove to be an exciting challenge. Southern weddings are noted for their elaborate settings and romantic themes set against spectacular backdrops and deeply rooted traditions. Simply look up Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s 2010 wedding in Georgia, and you get a pretty clear picture of how magical Southern-style weddings can get. What better place to make history than at one of the best wedding locations in Georgia?

Batten Down the Hatches

For a wedding with an unmistakably Southern flair, couples need to consider several aspects. For instance, when people think of Southern weddings, things like magnolias, mason jars, dandelions, and plantation houses often come to mind. Meanwhile, if the couple wishes to hold an intimate ceremony, then a romantic, nature-filled setting in a secluded and woody area such as Ashton Gardens would be ideal.

To make things more interesting, the ceremony could take place at the foot of a decades-old tree or at the borders of a picturesque forest that can serve as a wonderful focal backdrop for wedding photos. Yet whatever motif or location the couple has in mind, it is important to plan for all types of weather; after all, Southern weddings are mostly held outdoors. As such, couples may want to choose the type of venue that can accommodate all wedding guests under one roof but still provide magnificent views of the outdoors.

As for what to serve at the reception, wedding planners often suggest dishes built around red beans, rice, catfish, cod and a lot of Caesar salad, plus anything fried. For desserts, one can never go wrong with the one pastry Southerners have loved for generations: pie. It’s even better if the pies come in numerous flavors and sizes. A serving of mint juleps plus cherry limeades pushes the tradition factor higher.

Wedding celebrations in the South are glorious and concrete expressions of love, family ties, tradition, and old-fashioned hospitality. You can certainly never go wrong with top Atlanta event venues such as Ashton Gardens.