Why Attending an Open House is the Easiest Way to Plan Your Wedding in 2020

July 14, 2020

Why Attending an Open House is the Easiest Way to Plan Your Wedding in 2020

Picking a wedding venue is such a heavy decision and with the number of venues only growing, the decision isn’t getting any easier. Thing about it, your wedding venue has to hit all the marks including size, look and budget. It’s a place you’ll reminisce about often not to mention a space that will hold memories from the most important day of your life with the most important people in your life.

While COVID-19 isn’t doing newly engaged couples any favors when it comes to wedding planning, Ashton Gardens is by offering exclusive Open House events this summer. So, why not take an hour and visit one place where you can experience food, drinks and get familiar with the ceremony and reception space?

Along with all these super important points, we have three other reasons why attending an open house event is the best idea you’ll have in 2020.

1. Connect with the People Behind the Scenes

If you’re considering a venue like Ashton Gardens that does everything short of picking out the cake, it’s important that you meet the people that are orchestrating the logistics of the day. Between an event coordinator, operations personnel, wait staff and culinary team, there are a ton of moving parts on your wedding day and a lot of people you want to ensure understand all of those important facets.

2. Meet Preferred Vendors

Convenience is easily one of the best parts of an open house and meeting the people your venue is willing to endorse is a HUGE plus. You’ll encounter everyone from florists to officiants to photographers all while seeing their work in person. These are trusted businesses who know the venue and what works with the venue, whether it’s aesthetically or not. No hunting down tons of vendors? Sign us up!

3. Ask Questions

The back and forth of emails and phone calls can get old quick. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to walk around the space, see things first hand and then be able to ask questions in real time? That’s exactly what you get at an Open House. When planning such an important event for the first time, there are no silly questions. The staff at Ashton Gardens wants to make your wedding planning process as seamless as possible.

Ready to attend an Open House for yourself? Check out our dates and times below as well as RSVP to our upcoming event.

Ashton Gardens DFW– 7.18.2020 @ 10am *Click HERE to RSVP!*

Ashton Gardens Houston West– 7.25.2020 @ 12pm *Click HERE to RSVP*

Ashton Gardens Houston North– 7.26.2020 @ 12pm *Click HERE to RSVP

Ashton Gardens Atlanta– 8.2.2020 @ 11am *Click HERE to RSVP*