Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I schedule a tour of Ashton Gardens?

Please fill out the contact information and availability inquiry form. We will immediately contact you to schedule an appointment and provide you with the information you request.

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How much does a wedding cost at Ashton Gardens?

We know that achieving the perfect wedding requires many months of planning, many miles of travel, and many challenges to stay within a budget. We have created a unique “All-Inclusive” pricing that lets you know your exact costs upfront. The “All-Inclusive” price for your wedding is the final price. Our event pricing packages include all costs including facility fees, sales tax, service charge, food, and security.

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How does Ashton Gardens save me money over other wedding venues?

Our service charge is 19%, lower than the typical 20% (or more) elsewhere.

You do not pay extra for cake cutting, carvers, buffet attendants, bartenders, cashiers or menu changes, and parking is free and close.

These are charges that virtually all other venues impose that can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars do not appear until your final bill.

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How many guests does the chapel accommodate?

The chapel seats up to 225 guests in the pews comfortably. We are able to set up additional seating for up to 275 guests.

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How long is the chapel aisle?

The aisle length is 62 feet from the entrance to the platform and/or 45 feet from the back of the pews to the platform.

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May we have fresh flowers in the chapel?

Fresh floral arrangements are allowed on the stage of the chapel or attached to the pew rings on the sides of the pews. We also allow fresh florals for your bouquets and boutonnières. Fresh petals are not allowed on the floor of the chapel. Silk petals make a great alternative.

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Do we need to provide our own music for the ceremony?

Ashton Gardens has a state of the art sound system in the chapel, fully equipped with wireless microphones for live musicians and lapel microphones for officiates. You would provide either live musicians for the ceremony or have a DJ available to run the sound system in the chapel. Ashton Gardens is available to manage the sound system for you at a nominal charge.

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May we choose our own vendors?

Ashton Gardens will provide a list of preferred vendors, all whom provide excellent quality and competitive pricing. These vendors are very familiar with the facility and provide our guests with superior service. You are more than welcome to use vendors that are not on our list with our approval. We will only withhold approval if we know of problems with a specific vendor.

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How many guests can the ballroom accommodate?

Our ballroom can accommodate 225 guests seated.

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May we bring outside catering?

We have our own 5-Star Executive Chef and a highly talented Culinary Team. We do not permit outside caterers…but then, why would you want to?

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Does Ashton Gardens provide toasting goblets, cake/knife server?

If you want to take the toasting goblets and/or the cake/knife server as a keepsake, please supply those items. However, if you wish, Ashton Gardens will gladly provide them.

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