Trendy and Sweet Wedding Cake Substitutes

It’s safe to say that wedding cake is still the most time-honored dessert you’ll find at a wedding. Although the finale of most meals at a wedding usually consists of a respectable slice of white cake, many couples are considering alternatives that are a little less conventional but just as sweet. Whether you decide to forgo the entire cake or just incorporate a few unique additions, your guests will feel their sweet tooth ache with these fun and unique cake substitutes.




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Many bride and grooms are looking to cupcakes to not only offer their guests choices but also convenience. Stack a cupcake tier tall or spread them out for a cute message to your guests. These mini cakes also make it super convenient for your guests to take an extra dessert for the ride home when your event is done.



Candy Bar or Dessert Table

dessert tables

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Some couples just can’t narrow down the type of sweet ending for their wedding so why not offer tons of choices? Dessert tables offer endless possibilities and satisfy even the pickiest eater. For a fun spin, include desserts like cannolis, macaroons or fruit tarts. For a fun candy bar, incorporate items like vintage candy or color coordinated items.




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If cake isn’t exactly what you were thinking for your final course, why not pie? Pie is totally timeless and with flavors like apple and cherry, couples can incorporate an element of comfort into their event that cake and candy can’t compete with. Add a little scoop of ice cream and you have one of life’s most perfect past times.