Tips from the Experts: How to Plan for Engagement Photos

April 15, 2015

Tips from the Experts: How to Plan for Engagement Photos

Typically, when you’re preparing for your upcoming engagement session the hot topic of discussion is what to wear. But who says it should be stressful?! Here are some helpful tips when creating the look you’re wanting for your session!

First things first – style! This will ultimately play into the other tips but what’s your personal style? Give it some thought. Romantic and whimsical? Formal with a twist? Edgy, trendy, earthy or something out of a J. Crew catalog? Whatever that looks like, embrace it! One thing to consider when you’re thinking about your style is the location/s you will be having your session at. Will your style compliment that? That’s the goal! You want to look like you belong with your settings… Or do you?! Color also plays a big part in the selection of your wardrobe. You want to compliment your surroundings not disappear into them. Something with a contrast to your environment will be more pleasing to the eye. We recommend complimentary colors and different shades of those colors. Color photographs so beautifully so use that to your advantage when clothes hunting!

Fairy Tale Blog 1Once you’ve narrowed down a color scheme you love you’ll want to start focusing more on textures that play against each other and patterns vs. solids. You want some patterns and texture to break up solids but too much can be overwhelming. Check out the images below to see a great balanced way to utilize patterns textures, solids and colors together!

Fairy Tale Blog 2

Fairy Tale Blog 3If your photographer allows use of two locations, consider using two different outfits! We always recommend one casual type of outfit, whatever style that is to you, and a more formal outfit with each best suiting the proper location choice. Last but not least, don’t forget accessories. These really make everything come together. Everyone accessorizes differently. Do you like the way you look in a big hat? What about chunky jewelery or something more classic? Nice shoes are a must! The weather and season will help with accessories – scarves and pashminas for fall, fur coats and sports coats for winter? Don’t be afraid to try different variations or to spice it up with your personal style!

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Fairy Tale Blog 5Here are some tips of things we recommend being aware of when going into your session…

– Small plaid patterns don’t typically translate well in digital images, especially from far away. They can be too busy for the eye.

– Don’t forget to remove wallets and phones from your pockets before you start posing for the camera. These things give you lumpy legs and butts!

– Chewing gum is NOT your friend

– Trust your photographer! And above all, be true to yourself when selecting an engagement session wardrobe. Nothing photographs more beautiful than a couple in love and a couple comfortable in their own skin!

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