Three Special Ways to Include your Dog in Your Wedding Planning

Including everyone in your wedding planning can be incredibly challenging but when it comes to involving your most special four legged friends, there is really no easier choice. I mean, is there anything more endearing? Pets play such a special part in a couples life that is makes complete sense. Here are a few ways to make include your fur baby from the beginning of your engagement to the wedding day itself.


dog tag marry me

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Popping the Questions

Including your beloved pup is as easy as asking the question with a cute sign or set of tags around their neck. Just having them there for the milestone occasion will guarantee the moment is extra special since you went the extra mile.



pup paws and hands

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Engagement Photos

Include your furry companion in a few of your engagement photos. These photos will not only prove to be some of your favorite engagement photos but also, some of your favorite family portraits as well.



pup ringbearer

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Ring Bearer

What better way to include your pup on your big day than making sure he is included in your processional line up. Incorporate a ring bearer pillow you can tie on their back and a comfy spot at the end of the aisle and the greatest ring bearer you could ask for. Don’t forget to have them dress for the occasion!



dog bow tie

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