Things You Need to Keep in Mind about Wedding Venues in Dallas

Couples often choose a wedding venue which complements their chosen theme—a Dallas ranch for a rustic-themed wedding or a venue with elegant backdrops for a royal-themed wedding. Some couples, however, can’t decide on a theme until they find one from among the numerous Dallas wedding venues that matches their style and taste. If you’re getting married soon but haven’t made up your mind about a location, consider the following tips.

Decide if you want separate locations for the ceremony and reception.

Holding the wedding ceremony in a church is a preferred choice. However, this option often poses budget constraints because it means having to find another location to hold the wedding reception. To minimize expenses and make the most of your budget, you can opt for a lovely wedding venue which has enough space to accommodate both the ceremony and the reception.

Finalize your guest list.

It’s important to know the number of guests you plan to invite before you look for wedding venues. Aside from providing comfortable seating for your guests, you also have to consider space for the dance floor, bar, and stage if you want a live band. Once guests have responded to your RSVP at least a month before the wedding, you can have a more definite guest list.

Choose an ideal location.

If you have separate locations for the ceremony and reception, ensure they’re within the same vicinity. Choose a wedding ceremony venue that’s a short distance from the reception; consideration for proximity will be much appreciated by your guests. There are scenic wedding locations in Dallas where you can easily designate a nearby hotel as your wedding headquarters where guests can stay before and after your wedding day.

Choose a venue with a great view.

Whether you’re holding the wedding indoors or outdoors, it’s important to choose a location where there’s a lovely view to enjoy. The most stylish centerpieces or most elegant wedding cake will appear ordinary in a venue that’s cramped and claustrophobic. Prefer venues like Ashton Gardens, which has sprawling gardens and marvelous water features for an extremely romantic ambiance.

Prepare your budget.

Before signing any agreement, be sure to know the inclusions of the wedding package. It’s ideal to choose a wedding venue that includes all the wedding and reception essentials. This way, you don’t have to worry about paying for additional costs like catering, decorations, and cake.