The Numerous Benefits of Indoor Weddings in Atlanta Event Venues

These days more couples are turning to indoor venues to hold the most important event in their lives: their wedding. Compared with outdoor venues, a wedding held indoors will survive any weather, allow for a controlled environment, and can be just as peaceful and serene as an outdoor wedding. The wedding chapels at Ashton Gardens provide an open and spacious environment in a private forest that emulate the outdoor beauty of Mother Nature.


By holding the wedding in one of the lovely event venues in Atlanta, couples can tap into their creative juices to ensure that their desired theme is followed to the detail to make their wedding even more special and unique. Each of our venues in Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas provide spacious indoor environments that are flexible enough to fit any wedding theme, designed to match the creativity of any bride and groom.


An indoor wedding offers a level of convenience and comfort that few outdoor venues can match. When celebrating your wedding at an indoor venue you will never have to worry about changing weather conditions or summer guests that can’t handle the heat. From the first time you tour the wedding venue to your big day, you can rest assured that the venue will be the same as it was when you first saw it. Eliminating unknown variables can deliver superb peace of mind to brides-to-be.

Indoor Scenery

There are many indoor venues that are able to emulate the natural experience of an outdoor wedding, but few are able to do it as well as Ashton Gardens. Each of our wedding venues in Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta offer spacious chapels in private forests, accompanied by sprawling gardens with lush and vibrant colors.

Wedding and Reception at the Same Location

When looking for a wedding venue in Atlanta you’ll find that many venues offer separate areas for a wedding and a reception at he same location. This can be a great benefit! The bride and groom will not have to worry about transportation or planning events at multiple locations,.


For entertainment, you can opt for easy-listening piped-in music to enhance the ambiance, not overwhelm it. The beautiful venue has already set the tone for a more relaxed celebration where guests will enjoy the occasion. All you have to do is savor your special day.