Like everything else in this world, weddings are on a winding, changing path all their own. Although the overall concept of a wedding is staying the same: eat, drink, and celebrate, bride and grooms are looking for ways to stand out and make their wedding memorable. With all that taken into account, reception tables are turning into a show piece and not just a seat with a plate and napkin. Couples are making it a point for the reception tables to do two jobs: Offer guests a functional place to call home during the reception but to also offer their guests an experience.

Think Outside of Round

Something as simple as changing the shape of your table can not only add dimension to your reception space but also offer an easy solution for the couples attending your wedding. Square tables are great conversation pieces and showcase your creativity in a way that is the farthest thing from “square”.


Be Bold

It goes without saying that most weddings have colors that couples center the event around. Don’t be afraid to incorporate colors that may not be traditional. If you are loving orange for a fall wedding or green for spring, go with it!


Tall, Short, Anything Goes

All table arrangements are not made equal…in size that it is! Feel free to mix and match table arrangements to capitalize on that fun, different feel. It is easy to do a tall floral arrangement and still be functional. if short arrangements are more of your thing, take a risk and include items like peacock feathers or Manzanita branches. Remember if floral arrangements aren’t your thing, always consider candles or items that tie in with your theme.



Tablescapes Provided By: M&M, The Special Company