Sweet Wedding Treats From Around the World

As beautiful as a five tiered traditional wedding cake coved in fondant can be, the variations of desserts at weddings around the world maintain age old traditions that just might be your ticket to a unique wedding detail. Whether you’re across the Atlantic Ocean in Paris or just a few thousand miles south in Brazil, check out these diverse and distinct wedding sweets.


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Paris– Croquembouche, a beautifully stacked puff pastry tower, is the focal point of any Parisian wedding. Assembled in a cone shape, these little sweet spheres are piled up and bonded together by strings of caramel and decorated with everything from delicate sugar flowers to color coordinated chocolate. Of course, it is always a great idea to have a backup plan, so if you aren’t feeling the cone of rich, melt in your mouth goodness, macaroons are always a home run.

british fruit cake

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Britain- When you think fruit cake, you typically envision an untouched, round dessert at your holiday get together but not in Britain. Traditionally all white or cream colored, this exceptionally dense cake includes ingredients from almonds to assorted dried fruit. And who can forget the key ingredient, brandy? While many bakers will soak the fruit in the robust liquor, some opt to coat the cake with it instead.

black cake

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Jamaica– Forget the beer and wine at a Jamaican wedding, just incorporate a traditional Black Cake and you can rest assured your guests will feel the effects. Between the dark rum soaked fruit and abundant quantities of brandy, everyone in attendance just needs a whiff of this decadent pastry and they won’t need another drink for weeks. Aside from a great deal of alcohol, expect hints of brown sugar and caramel with each bite, and we mean bite.

brig blog

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Brazil– Although you won’t find a huge cake as their centerpiece, Brazilian couples will include customary desserts like brigadeiro or bem casados. Brigadeiro is beautifully handcrafted truffles while the bem casados, meaning happily married, are fluffy pastries, sandwiched with a caramel filled. While the brigadeiro is just for fun, the bem casados actually signify the new couple’s life together. Both desserts are individually wrapped for guests to take with them at the end of the reception for a treat that keeps on giving.

Tang yuen

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China– Tang Yuan is a traditional Chinese wedding dessert that has so many variations, you can taylor this yummy dessert to almost any color or taste you need. These small, colorful balls can be savory or sweet and customarily, are served in a clear broth or syrup. This dish can be eaten year round but when consumed with family at Chinese weddings, the delicious treat symbolizes togetherness.


Cheers and happy planning!