Say Goodbye to Your Wedding Guests in Style

When you think about it, the way you exit your wedding is almost as important as the way you enter it. Unfortunately, a lot of times, the grand finale of the wedding can get put on the back burner with all the food choices to make and all the floral arrangements to finalize. Before you forget a major detail for your wedding, stop and consider the best way to tell everyone adios. The last impression you give your guests it typically the one that stays with them so why not go out with a bang?


RR vintage car

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Go vintage. Whether you are doing a throwback theme event or just love the classic look of these unique automobiles, this ride is sure to have all your guests talking. Companies like Romantic Remembrances have everything from a 1939 Cadillac to a 1958 Rolls Royce so you have amazing selections to choose from. Talk about classy!


exoctic get away blog

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Get fancy. Exotic cars are giving every other vehicle a run for their money, literally. Pull the top down on a Porche or swing your Ferrari doors open for a totally unique exit. Looking for something a little more low-key? Tie a “Just Married” banner to the back of a Masarati or Mercedes and drive off into the sunset.




Three Jays Carriage

Credit: Threejays Carriages

Be a princess. If cars just don’t cut it for your big departure, pull a Cinderella move and book that beautiful horse and carriage you so rightly deserve with a company like Threejays Carriages. Fully equipped with horses and a driver, this beautiful buggy will roam the streets of the big city or the hills of the exquisite, scenic countryside. Either way, you’ll ride away in elegance with your prince charming.



When all else fails, pull your very own get-away-mobile to the front and leave with your new husband in style!