Renovations Bring Ashton Gardens Locations into 2017

October 27, 2017

Renovations Bring Ashton Gardens Locations into 2017

Over twelve years ago, Ashton Gardens set out with one purpose: to become a household name in the wedding and event industry. Most would argue that the special events market is extremely competitive and that breaking into said market isn’t necessarily a simple undertaking. From conception, our entire team knew in order to thrive, it was going to take a special touch and an approach to hospitality that can only be described as meticulous.

With a tremendous amount of hard work, our business began its legacy. Four locations in three different markets later and thousands of events in the books, our managers, coordinators, culinary team and grounds personnel made it a point to offer the most elite customer service experience possible. With our feet firmly planted in Houston, Dallas and Atlanta, business could only be described as impressive.

Like with any successful business, it’s vital to keep your ear to the ground. Know whats important to your clients and anticipate the trends. That also includes knowing when to bite the bullet and make changes that aren’t only an visually pleasing but also ones that preserve the natural beauty and integrity of a structure that so many people come to know and trust.

But, before we could pull up one inch of carpet or demo one wall, we had to come up with a sound plan. This included looking at normal wear and tear but also getting the input of our most valuable assets: our couples. From new bride prospects to booked couples to community leaders, we asked as many of the right questions as we could to really find out what would bring Ashton Gardens into 2017.

After weeks of polling, we were fortunate enough to learn that the changes were fairly unanimous and without debate. With most of the details in place and decisions made, meetings with contractors commenced and before we knew it, demo day was here and the ceremony and receptions spaces became a very unfamiliar construction zone. It’s hard to describe the highs and lows of renovations but if you’ve remodeled anything, you know what we mean. Regardless of the strain and pressure that comes with modifying a building, it’s safe to say it was all worth it. See for yourself below!


Ashton Gardens Houston North



Ashton Gardens Dallas/ Ft. worth


Ashton Gardens Atlanta- Coming November 2017!