Questions to Ask When Visiting Wedding Venues in Dallas or Atlanta

weddingTying the knot is momentous for soon-to-be-wed couples. It heralds the start of their new beginning, not as separate individuals, but as a couple who are starting a family. The wedding is the decisive event that presages this beginning, and picking a venue that will highlight the significance of that union is important.

If you’re planning to hold the wedding in Dallas, the “Big D” has numerous places to offer. Finding attractive event venues is easy; finding a venue fit for the wedding you have in mind is tricky. To help you pick the perfect place, including those with high standards such as Ashton Gardens, here are some questions to ask when visiting prospective Dallas wedding venues.

How many events do you host in a day?

Wedding venues are busy places; they juggle dozens of events on a daily basis. When looking for a suitable wedding venue, it’s important to know how busy the place is, especially during your wedding day. You don’t want any other event immediately before or after your wedding. This way, you won’t need to rush your event or end up with a banged-up venue and bone-weary staff.

What’s the maximum capacity of your venue?

You want a venue that can fit all your guests comfortably. A place too small will cause trouble and discomfort to your guests, while a venue too big is outright expensive. Knowing at least a rough headcount of attending guests is crucial to determine if a certain venue is capable to handle your event.

Can we choose our own vendors?

weddingPopular Atlanta event venues, meanwhile, are more than willing to provide you with a list of photographers, DJs, caterers, or other suppliers they work with. But if you’re bringing your own vendors, make sure that the venue organizers know about it beforehand. Some wedding venues require you to seek their approval first to check whether they have problems with a specific vendor or not.

What does my payment include?

It’s nice to visit a venue that’s all set up for a wedding. But you can’t assume that everything you see in the venue is included in the site fee. To avoid any unnecessary surprises, ask what your payment includes and what you need to pay extra for.