Quality vs. Cost Effective Wedding Vendors: Which is more important?

While so many couples ask “How much does this cost?” not enough couples planning a wedding ask “Why should we hire you?” Finding quality vendors can definitely present a challenge when you have no idea where to start and what to look for. Pile on the fact that some wedding budgets spare no expense, whereas others are scrutinized down to the penny and you have a major challenge right off the bat. So many details have to be considered and together with varying price points, styles, and package options, you have to include every bride, groom, and family member opinion in multiple conversations. So whether you have a planner that can steer you in the proper direction or you intend on figure things out as you go, keep these few tips in mind when searching for your wedding day professionals.


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Venues can typically offer a preferred vendors list as a place to start your vendor search. While this doesn’t eliminate the need for research all together, it undoubtedly gives you a head start. With an overabundance of wedding vendors in each market, finding a place to begin can be challenging to say the very least. In many instances, reviews and word of mouth play a huge part in your vendor selection process. Before you start deciding on who to hire, make sure your venue allows you to pick the people and services that best fit your event. Not all special events require the exact same thing so having the flexibility to pick and choose the best person for the job is incredibly valuable.

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PC: Fairy Tale Photography

You get what you pay for. Not all vendors are created equal and getting the best deal doesn’t always translate into having the best event. Take the time to interview all of your options and compare what truthfully works for you. Think about more than just price because if you don’t, you could end up with a collapsing cake, terrible wedding photos or event worse, a DJ that can’t get the party started. Ask the crucial questions before you get to the bottom dollar.

Research is key in selecting the perfect wedding dream team. It’s not enough to see an ad or hear about a vendors work. Read reviews. Check out real weddings and styled shoots. These examples are amazing indications of the vendor’s capabilities. References are never a bad idea, either. Because when it’s all said and done, don’t you want to remember your wedding day for all the positive and brilliant moments instead of the awkward and forgettable ones?