Making History in the Best Wedding Venues in Houston

Getting married is a significant part of anyone’s life. Regardless of religion or culture, a wedding underlines a couple’s maturity to undertake the next step in being together. For the couple’s family and friends, nothing excites them more than to personally witness a loved one making a leap of faith and committing himself for life to his intended.

Among the many preparations for a wedding, setting the altar date takes the most time. There is much for the couple to arrange between the engagement day to the big day, including the motif of the ceremony, members of the entourage, guest list, and reception menu. Most of all, you also need to prioritize choosing from among preferred wedding venues in Houston like Ashton Gardens, to make the event truly memorable.

There are many places in the city for couples to choose from for their special day, which include churches, hotels and garden settings. There are also venue providers that have a quaint, floor to ceiling glass-enclosed chapel and a reception ballroom for a stylish celebration. The surrounding trees, lush greenery and fountains in the courtyard provide a romantic and relaxing view for a truly enjoyable occasion.

If you want a beautiful celebration that will make your dream wedding come true, consider elegant reception halls in Houston that offer a full view of the surrounding private forest from its glass windows. The venue is illuminated by crystal chandeliers, sparkling candle lights, and the natural light that reflects from the glass walls. It also has a grand staircase where you can stand as you are introduced as husband and wife for the very first time.

The venue also includes fine china, elegant silverware, stem glassware and beautiful centerpieces all set in a dining table lined with crisp floor-length table linens. An adjoining courtyard can also be air-conditioned and covered with tents if you need additional space for your guests. And if the ceremony will be held in another place, you’ll have a private bridal changing room, while your guests, a pre-function area, where they can wait for your arrival from the post-wedding pictorial.

Making a lifetime vow of love and loyalty is a huge step. Committing to that vow among people who have been a part of your life makes it even more special. And having fun with friends and family during the reception will definitely complete your much-awaited day.