Luxury Dessert Accents that Won’t Break the Bank

Not all dessert are created equal. While some treats have perfectly smooth fondant toppings or smooth, tasty butter cream, some have, what appears to be, a sparkle of a different color. Although it’s not common to see these beautifully crafted edible gems and palatable gold sheets at every special occasion, these shimmering additions are becoming the trendiest element around. When it comes to a special get together, bling doesn’t just apply to the small glacier on your left hand.


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Delicious Diamonds: Marilyn Monroe said it best when she uttered the words, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. From diamond engagement rings to edible diamonds, some bride’s like to incorporate the shiny detail in every way possible. While a lot of brides will opt for diamond accents on their cake, some future brides to be will buy these sweet sugar pieces in bulk for bridesmaid’s teas or candy bars. However you decide to include these special confectionery treats, there is no doubt they will bring the shine for sure.


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Glimmering Gold: Ice cream bars have always been a popular dessert for a wedding reception, especially during those sweltering summer months. But how do you make your sundae go from flab to fab? That’s easy, just add a little shimmer! If you are really looking for toppings to make your sundae bar unlike any other, just do what Serendipity, a New York restaurant did, and add gold. As seen on the Guinness Book of World Records most expensive food, this impressive dessert goes for a cool $1,000 and includes the most expensive chocolate drizzle in the world, exotic candy fruits and don’t forget the sheets of 23 karat edible gold. Gone are the days of sprinkles and peanuts so dig in!


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Glistening Gems: As beautiful as colorless diamonds are, sometimes you just need some color compatibility to get the job done. These beautifully crafted sugar gems come in all shapes and designs so with so many options, you are sure to find the perfect addition to any sugary creation. Use the large ornate sugar pieces as wedding favors for your guests to snack on after the evening has ended or as your exit option to incorporate a little color for your forever photos.


Cheers and happy planning!