For the Techie Bride and Groom: 5 Easy Ways to Incorporate your Love for Technology into Your Wedding

May 28, 2015

For the Techie Bride and Groom: 5 Easy Ways to Incorporate your Love for Technology into Your Wedding

To say this generation of soon to be Mr. and Mrs. are technologically inclined is definitely an understatement.  From tablets to smart phones and everything in between, various forms of technology are finding their way into weddings from coast to coast. Not looking to spend a fortune on the latest device or gizmo for your special day? Well look no further than the five examples below for a very techie addition.

phone charging station techie couple

Photo Credit: Pinterest


1. Phone Charging Stations: Although cell phone batteries aren’t what they used to be, our obsession with these pocket sized computers still don’t stand a chance when it comes to battery life. Whether your guests used their phone to get directions to your wedding location or they had to make a few last minute phone calls before your big celebration, having a charging station is always a really considerate way to keep your guests connected. Make sure you include different phone chargers available.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest


2. Jump Drive Favors:  What says love more than a monogrammed storage device? Pretty and practical, jump drives are definitely one of those wedding favors you don’t have to worry about collecting at the end of the night because they were left on the table. Companies like and give the device a reasonable price point and fun customization options. Not to mention, it’s a cute way to say “Thanks for the memories”…get it, because jump drives have memory. Oh well…

video message techie couple

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3. Video Message Guest Book: For some couples, a signature or well wish card just won’t suffice for their wedding day guest book. Instead, some brides and grooms are opting for a video message. Create a station where guests can leave some words of wisdom or strap a gopro on the best man and let him roam for some great wedding day footage. Whatever you do, you will have rare and incriminating film as the night progresses.

hashtag generator techie couples

Photo Credit: Wedding Wire


4. #Hashtags: As we all know, hashtags are one of the best ways for your guests to tag photos from your event and store them in a location you can return to time and time again. Don’t have a hashtag? Wedding Wire has that one solved! With a little information and the click of a button, the hashtag generator produces a unique and totally fun phrase that will keep you returning to relive your special day.



QR code square techie bride

Photo Credit: Etsy


5. QR Code Print: Having a hard time finding that perfect gift for that couple that can’t put down the gadgets? Well, search no further than the beloved Etsy. Create a QR Code of the couple’s first dance song or stick with the ever popular “love” print.




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