House Party and Ushers Bring the Balance

Newly engaged couples have a ton of choices to make. From finding a venue to the perfect attire, each bride and groom have significant details to decide on. Although the bride usually feels a majority of the pressure during the planning process, the groom can feel just as conflicted when it comes to something that should be easy; deciding who will be in the bridal party. Some couples opt to keep it simple while others can’t pick from the gigantic list of people they call friends.

If your bridal party list gets to a point where it won’t stop growing, consider alternative assignments for those friends that you would like to see included in a special way.


House Party

Although regarded to be a Southern tradition, house party attendants have similar responsibilities to that of a bridesmaid. Tasks include:bride-and-bridal

-Organizing pre-wedding day events (bachelorette party, wedding showers, etc.)

-Passing out programs at the ceremony

-Manning the guest book

-Reading at the ceremony

Always remember that your house party attendants can merely attend your wedding as a friend whose relationship you would like to recognize. Include them in simple ways like having a corsage for them at the ceremony or ask them to wear a dress similar to what the bridesmaids will wear.



Ushers, in most cases, could be seen as the face of the ceremony. Not only are these guys the first people your guests see, but they also keep things organized and structured. Just like the house party, they might be assigned to be part of the extended bridal party if the list is on the rise or if they might be a little too young to enjoy events like the bachelor party. The common rule is one usher per 50 guests to ensure the ceremony starts on time. Tasks include:

-Seating guestsMW-groomsmen

-Helping the house party with any last minute details

-Lending a hand with ceremony preparation

No matter how many people you want to involve, keep in mind that no job is too small on your big day.