Happy Hour and Mimosa Tours: Why You Shouldn’t Tour Any Other Way

April 18, 2018

Happy Hour and Mimosa Tours: Why You Shouldn’t Tour Any Other Way

Work. Meetings. Errands. Dinner dates.  The list goes on. If you think juggling your schedule is hectic now, just throw in the demands of planning a weddings to round everything out. Shopping for a wedding venue is one of the toughest parts of wedding planning and scheduling those appointments can be even more stressful. But what if you had the opportunity to stop by a top wedding venue option at your leisure after hours during the week or mid-morning on a weekend? If it sounds too good to be true, let’s talk about Happy Hour and Mimosa Tours.

PC: Linda Threadgill Photography

Happy Hour Tours– Happy Hour tours were created with the busy bride in mind. The bride that just can’t take the day off to tour venue after venue. Happy Hour tours offer the chance to stop by our properties between 5pm and 7pm on select evenings during the week to look at our chapel and ballroom at your own pace. Each week, hors d’ oeuvres are prepared and champagne is popped to round out the experience. While no one from our sales team accompanies you during your visit, staff members are available to answer questions and check date availability.

PC: Allee J Photography

Mimosa Tours– Mimosa Tours are a really similar concept, just on the weekends, and with mimosas. You, your friends, family and fiancé can stop by between 10am and 2pm on a specified day to check out our ballroom and everything that is included, sample some snacks and take a walk down the aisle. Depending on the event schedule for the weekend, each location will share on social media when to expect our Mimosa Tours.

Each couple leaves with a packet of information including pricing, preferred vendors and menu options. Our goal with these tours is to provide couples a laid-back, no-commitment touring opportunity that allows open conversations without the pressure to make a decision. All things considered, between Happy Hour Tours, Mimosa Tours and private, weekday tours, there is always a time to stop by and take the pressure out of planning.