Favor-ite Ways to Say Thank You to Wedding Guests

Wedding favors come in all shapes and sizes. Some people take a more traditional approach while others opt for a fun and out of the box token of gratitude for their guests. No matter which way you decide to go, always make it a reflection of your new union and you can’t go wrong.

Fun Favors

Photo Booth

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Whatever you associate with fun, more than likely it will be awesome! Guests always appreciate a light hearted thank you.

                Photo Booth– Not only do your guests get to take a photo with them as a memento, you also get another heap of pictures. Make sure your photo booth vendor offer a digital copy of all the photos once your event is done so you can look through them after the honeymoon.

                Candy and Popcorn Bar– A good candy bar never goes out of style. A new and fun addition is flavored popcorn. Have fun picking your favorite flavors for an excellent grab and go favor.

Thoughtful Favors

Some brides opt for a favor that is intended to offer some sort of relief. Depending on the circumstances, these favors offer a little assistance instead of entertainment.

custom chapstick

                Flip Flops– If you plan on having the DJ crank out rug cutting jams from start to finish, an alternative to those high heels can ensure your guests are on the dance floor all night. Make sure you pick up all different sizes to take care of every guests needs.

                Season Friendly– Summer is hotter than hot, winter can be beyond cold, and Fall and Spring in Texas almost don’t exist. Items like chapstick in the winter and customized bottle water in the summer offer extra aid from the inconsistent weather that is Texas.  Besides, who doesn’t need an extra chapstick tube floating around when winter gets too harsh?


Creative Favors

personalized favors

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 The small details are always the ones your guests will remember when they leave your amazing event. Take some time and really make the favor a reflection of you and your new partner!

              Custom BBQ Rub– Since we live in Texas, BBQ is a way of life. Get to know your spices and flavors to create a favor your guests can use time and time again when they are cooking up a great weekend meal.

                Themes– If you are looking to keep a theme consistent in your event, offer a small piece as a take home for your guests. From bird seed packets to compliment your bird cage centerpieces to diamond shaped paper weights to accent the sparkle that is your wedding, take the time to really figure out how you want your guests to remember your wedding.