Fall & Flexibility: Why You Need One To Get The Other

August 24, 2018

Fall & Flexibility: Why You Need One To Get The Other

And just when you thought you were ready to book a summer wedding, here comes fall. It wasn’t that long ago that every bride to be inquired for a June wedding date and now, based on research released earlier this year by Wedding Wire (2018 Newlywed Report, Wedding Wire), fall weddings are currently the most popular time of the year to host your big day. With a whopping 38% of weddings taking place in fall, summer weddings hold a close second with 30%. It’s important to note that of that 30%, a majority of weddings took place in June. (2018 Newlywed Report, Wedding Wire)

So what does that mean? Unless you are willing to plan your wedding over 12 to 18 months out, you fortunately have some options IF you’re willing to be flexible. Adaptability can mean saving time and saving cash.

1.Everyone Wants The Same Date

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With 16% of engagements taking place in December (2018 Newlywed Report, Wedding Wire), it’s important to remember that the ever coveted months of September and October only boast four Saturday evenings a year. That means that whether the other 2.18 million (2018 Newlywed Report) couples want a fall wedding or not, you should be prepared to look at other possibilities. These dates can book as far as a year out and on rare occasions, if a bride knows an engagement is coming, they’ll book their desired day before the engagement even takes place which leaves you in the same spot, high and dry.


2. Sports Schedules

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When you consider a fall wedding, chances are there are several dates you’ll have to dodge for one reason or another. For several couples, finding a date in the fall is especially difficult when so many family members consider sports life. We’ve seen entire families debate the date and plan their wedding around a football kick off or semi-finals showdown. Whether you’re from the south and football reigns supreme, or every member of you household are die hard baseball fans counting down until the first pitch of the World Series, keep in mind that if your big day falls on a playoff or noteworthy game, you’ll probably find everyone huddled around the grooms room TV.


3. Day-Light (Not) Savings Time

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Once Daylight Savings hits, sunset times get earlier and earlier until we all find ourselves in bed and lights out at 8pm. The time change doesn’t do people any favors, including brides who want a fall wedding. The amount of daylight needed to capture every moment is greatly abbreviated. It’s common that a bride that originally coveted an evening wedding during the autumn months change their time frame to take advantage of what daylight they’re given. Ceremonies that take place during a brunch or lunch timeframe gives way to what could potentially be a fun filled, no bars get together in a really relaxed environment and low key setting.