Classic Wedding Movies That Everyone Should See

September 25, 2015

Classic Wedding Movies That Everyone Should See

Without even knowing it, wedding movies have the uncanny ability to make us fall in love with the craziest of characters. From imposter wedding guests that crash unbelievable parties to a best friend that just can’t share the groom, these films are able to instill long lasting memories that people of all ages carry with them. These movies sneak into our hearts and leave a lasting impression and expectations for our own big day. While some of these are instant classics, the others are true classics and have stood the test of time and still reign supreme.



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Bridesmaids: A tale of two best friends headed in different directions. Planning a wedding entails so many details, not to mention extremely stressful circumstances that require backup from your bridal party. So what do you do when you have bridesmaids that constantly try to outdo one another simply to prove who is the better friend? You watch the explosion of emotions and public breakdowns, puppies included. With incredibly unlikely situations and an all-star cast, you have a lot to laugh about from the point of engagement to story book wedding. Toss in an endearing and unlikely love story and you have a solid rom-com recipe.


The Wedding Planner

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The Wedding Planner: Ahhh, the stereotypical film that puts planners on a pedestal all while giving a look into what goes on behind the scenes for a wedding planner… kinda. While we all don’t carry around Evian spray and talk with a headset, it’s safe to say this movie appropriately gives audiences a chance to see a variation of a pep talk we have all given at one time or another and the struggle to please the masses, and by that, we mean the families. Combine the dashing good looks of a knight in shining armor and we have ourselves a sweet and improbable fairy tale.


My Best Friends Wedding

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My Best Friend’s Wedding: Falling in love with your best friend can bet tricky, but it gets even more compromising when he is already in love and set to marry a girl who dons stylish pearls and brightly colored cardigans. With the news of an exceptionally imminent wedding, what can you do but mull over such a shocking turn of events? For even the sanest individual, all it takes is a few mixed cocktails and a rejuvenating face mask to have an epiphany. Try to break up the wedding. This film reminds us not to let the good things pass us by and if they do, well, you have to adapt.


Wedding Crashers

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Wedding Crashers: Whoever said guys weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed clearly hasn’t seen this movie. When two best friends make it their mission to find the best and biggest wedding bashes around, they find themselves with an abundance of open bars and open mics. In an attempt to party harder with every mention of “I Do”, unsuspecting love and outrageous predicaments fall into their laps and give this wedding classic the title it so rightfully deserves.



Father of the Bride

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Father of the Bride: If you haven’t seen this film, stop whatever you are doing and go watch it now. Most won’t think of this movie as a love story but it could easily be considered the purest and most genuine love story; the love a father has for his daughter. This movie puts into words the extreme emotions that dads learn to deal with when watching their little girl grow up and become someone else’s responsibility. I would definitely break out the tissue for this one.

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