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House Party and Ushers Bring the Balance

Newly engaged couples have a ton of choices to make. From finding a venue to the perfect attire, each bride and groom have significant details to decide on. Although the bride usually feels a majority of the pressure during the … Continue Reading


Bride’s Guide: Finding a Wedding Venue 101-Part 3

So it is time to get down to business. You’ve done your research and thoughtfully selected a reasonable number of venues to view. On paper, all of these locations could potentially be crowned “the venue”, but it’s imperative that you … Continue Reading


Brides Guide Finding a Wedding Venue 101-Part 2

Weddings have come a very long way in the last fifty years. Nuptials have evolved from a simple church ceremony and reception with cake and punch, to a full on production that sometimes, includes a dove release. With such a … Continue Reading


Bride’s Guide Finding a Wedding Venue 101-Part 1

The beginning of planning a wedding is always the best. You get a beautiful ring, all of your friends throw you great parties, and not to mention you get to shop…a lot! But just like most shopping adventures, you need … Continue Reading


A Season for Every Bride at Ashton Gardens

So many more times than not, brides have a tendency to become fixated on a certain time of the year or a specific date that they just can’t seem to let go of for their special day. The trouble in … Continue Reading


How to Find the Perfect Band for your Wedding

There are three ways you can go about finding and hiring a band. First, call a local or regional booking agency (get agency recommendations from friends, wedding planners or your venue) and ask for bands that fit your specific criteria. … Continue Reading


Things You Need to Keep in Mind about Wedding Venues in Dallas

Couples often choose a wedding venue which complements their chosen theme—a Dallas ranch for a rustic-themed wedding or a venue with elegant backdrops for a royal-themed wedding. Some couples, however, can’t decide on a theme until they find one from … Continue Reading


Planning the Right Timeline for Your Wedding Reception

These days many couples are steering away from traditional conventions and adding more individuality to their reception plans, especially if the couple is not accepting any financial assistance from parents or other family members. While there is flexibility as to … Continue Reading


Tips on Buying the Perfect Wedding Dress

So, you’re clueless about finding a dress? Fear not. Arm yourself with some basics and you can enjoy a fearless approach to the wedding dress hunt. As daunting of a task as it might seem, this is one of the … Continue Reading