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Bride’s Guide Finding a Wedding Venue 101-Part 1

The beginning of planning a wedding is always the best. You get a beautiful ring, all of your friends throw you great parties, and not to mention you get to shop…a lot! But just like most shopping adventures, you need … Continue Reading


Considerations When Searching for the Best Indoor Wedding Venues in Houston

weddingWedding date, check. Wedding entourage, check. What about the wedding venue? The state of Texas, specifically Houston, is known not only for space exploration, but also for its excellent wedding venues. Numerous attractive wedding venues, such as Ashton Gardens, can … Continue Reading


Come for the Vows, Stay for the Food – Renting Well-Stocked Reception Halls in Houston

Most celebrations are never complete without food. The link between food and festivities has long been established and it’s impossible to host an awesome party without any chow to go around. Weddings are no exception. Next to the ceremony itself, … Continue Reading


Video Tour of Ashton Gardens

Check out the video tour of Ashton Gardens in Houston. Visit our website at for more information.… Continue Reading


Making History in the Best Wedding Venues in Houston

Getting married is a significant part of anyone’s life. Regardless of religion or culture, a wedding underlines a couple’s maturity to undertake the next step in being together. For the couple’s family and friends, nothing excites them more than to … Continue Reading