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Man-gagement Rings 101 from Union Diamond

We at Union Diamond are so thrilled to be here as a guest blogger for one of Atlanta’s newest wedding spots, Ashton Gardens. We worked closely together for the recent FOX5 Operation Wedding giveaway and the staff and venue that … Continue Reading


A Season for Every Bride at Ashton Gardens

So many more times than not, brides have a tendency to become fixated on a certain time of the year or a specific date that they just can’t seem to let go of for their special day. The trouble in … Continue Reading


Mary Ryan and David Green 6-13-13

Who would have thought that a friendly work relationship would blossom into something more. It was just three short years ago Mary Ryan and Davis Green met while they were working at a restaurant in North Ft. Worth.

“We would … Continue Reading


Ashton Gardens Houston Tasting Event

Ashton Gardens invited over 130 guests to attend our quarterly tasting which was held on May 1st. Upon arrival, guests first visited the chapel where they enjoyed beautiful music provided by our preferred pianist, Scott Graham. The chapel was beautifully … Continue Reading


How to Find the Perfect Band for your Wedding

There are three ways you can go about finding and hiring a band. First, call a local or regional booking agency (get agency recommendations from friends, wedding planners or your venue) and ask for bands that fit your specific criteria. … Continue Reading


Ashton Gardens Atlanta Grand Opening Vendor Party!

Grand Opening Vendor Party!

On March 27th Ashton Gardens Atlanta hosted an open house for all of Atlanta’s Wedding Industry. In spite of the terrible weather and associated insane traffic, we still had a great turn out of the … Continue Reading



Like everything else in this world, weddings are on a winding, changing path all their own. Although the overall concept of a wedding is staying the same: eat, drink, and celebrate, bride and grooms are looking for ways to stand … Continue Reading


Ashton Gardens Atlanta First Tasting Event!

Well its official! Ashton Gardens Atlanta has officially opened its beautiful new wedding venue March 15th 2013! We kicked off the week with a Menu Sampling Event for our April 2013 brides and then had our first 3 weddings on … Continue Reading


Questions to Ask When Visiting Wedding Venues in Dallas or Atlanta

weddingTying the knot is momentous for soon-to-be-wed couples. It heralds the start of their new beginning, not as separate individuals, but as a couple who are starting a family. The wedding is the decisive event that presages this beginning, and … Continue Reading


Considerations When Searching for the Best Indoor Wedding Venues in Houston

weddingWedding date, check. Wedding entourage, check. What about the wedding venue? The state of Texas, specifically Houston, is known not only for space exploration, but also for its excellent wedding venues. Numerous attractive wedding venues, such as Ashton Gardens, can … Continue Reading