Brides Guide Finding a Wedding Venue 101-Part 2

July 24, 2013

Brides Guide Finding a Wedding Venue 101-Part 2

Weddings have come a very long way in the last fifty years. Nuptials have evolved from a simple church ceremony and reception with cake and punch, to a full on production that sometimes, includes a dove release. With such a special time in a bride’s life, how do you make so many decisions that will last forever? Wouldn’t it be nice to incorporate all of those Pinterest ideas but stress free? Before you decide to have your wedding at a location that is just four walls and DIY, consider a venue that takes care of the tiny details while still using all of those creative pins.

So Many Choices

In a world full of chiavari chairs and bichon linens, it is easy to lose your way when trying to iron out the fine details for your wedding. You could spend an entire week looking at different linen colors and trying to find matching china, but why? With an all inclusive venue, you can always customize your reception tables or bring in items that you are set on. Why worry about what the forks look like when your guests won’t care either way? All inclusive venues generally offer items that in most cases; you don’t want to make a decision on anyway.

-China -Servers/ Wait Staff –

-Centerpieces -Dance Floor

-Stemware -Flatware

I Feel Like I am Forgetting Something

All inclusive venues typically offer an event coordinator that helps alleviate some of the stresses of planning. These coordinators are professionals, and allow your family members to actually be family members at your wedding and not the set-up crew or the clean-up crew. It is pretty safe to assume that none of your parents, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends, or grandparents wants to stay behind after the party is done and spend hours cleaning up and packing decorations from your wedding. They have been on the same emotional roller coaster you have so they deserve to go home too.

Venue coordinators not only know everything there is to know about your location, but also know how things work best. You may have a really awesome idea, but sometimes, those ideas don’t work in the setting you have picked out. Not to mention, your coordinator is going to be able to ask you the hard questions that you maybe haven’t considered in your planning process. Who is driving the car when you make your grand exit? Do you have guests coming that have dietary restrictions? Don’t set yourself up for failure if you have all the tools to be successful.

It’s always best to figure what is most important to you for your wedding before the planning even begins. If having a stress free, fun filled wedding is at the top of that list, chances are, an all inclusive venue is right for you. Not only will you have peace of mind at your wedding, but your guests will be taken care of from start to finish!

Continue with Part Three of our Bride’s Guide to finding the perfect venue!

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