Bowties, Bolos and Bare Necks: Wedding Attire for Every Groom

When it comes to a groom, they usually just expect to show up, say “I do” and then band together with friends and family to deliver the most epic celebration ever. Although the everyday husband-to-be is becoming more involved with in the planning process, it’s safe to say they usually don’t put much thought into their wedding day attire. Well guys, just know you have options! (Pending bride approval)


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Bow Ties: You can put any groom in a regular tie but bow ties lend themselves to a classic look regardless if you pick out a print or go with a traditional black bow tie. If you are feeling adventurous, put the groom in a solid color bow tie and the groomsmen in a fun and festive print. Whether you keep it casual or conservative, bow ties are always a sure bet.





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Bolos: Now this is a tie of a different color! When you think of a bolo, you generally imagine western wear and cowboys but jump ahead to 2015 and you can expect these little accessories to add a Southwestern flare to any wedding. When old is incorporated with new, expect some very trendy and exciting details for your event.




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Bare Necks: To say a groom would love nothing more than to get married in jeans and their lucky sports jersey is anything but an understatement. In this compromise, emphasize the boutonniere color or play with the suit shade to create a clean and fun feel.  If you can imagine your wedding with relaxed and simple elements, expect a party with no holding back.