Best Tips in RSVP Etiquette For Couples & Guests

September 7, 2018

Best Tips in RSVP Etiquette For Couples & Guests

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You and your spouse have finalized the guest list and you’re finally ready to put together your invitations. But, before you start sealing those envelopes, there are a few things to consider before creating and sending out your invites. Whether the couple takes on all invitation responsibilities or the maid of honor, keep the below tips and tricks in mind:

Prior to your invites being sent out, as a rule of thumb, you should have your “Save the Date” letters out to your guests within six to eight months of your wedding day followed by your invitations six to eight weeks before the big day. Keep these timelines in perspective when deciding if you’d like to create digital versus paper invitations. Your paper invitations may take a bit longer to arrive at your guests’ residence depending on their locations, so plan accordingly.

Be Clear & Firm
By now, you and your fiancé have already crunched the numbers and determined if you’re allowing your guests to bring a date. Try not to let your guests convince you otherwise. If you’re not granting your guests a plus one, include the invited individual’s name and address on the invitation only.

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If one of your guests replies that they aren’t able to attend the wedding and then later communicates that they are now able to attend once the rsvp date has come and gone, respectfully decline. Although we’re sure you wanted that person there by your initial invitation, it is better not to put yourself or your spouse in any last minute binds. Remember it is your day. Be firm!

Another great idea is to create a guest event online to keep track of your RSVP’s. Prior to sending out your invitations, place instructions for your guests to rsvp via your online event. Not only does this organize all of your event details and guest information, but it puts it all in a single, easy to access location.

Put the Worry to the Side
Once your invitations have been sent out, give your guests the time you’ve allotted them to reply to your invitation. We understand the pressure to fill the room and be surrounded by everyone you care about, but if a guest cannot attend try not taking it personally. Your day will be amazing regardless. RSVPify conducted research showing that 83% of your guests respond that they are coming, while 17% indicate they cannot


Tips for the Guests-to-Be

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Your Response
Once you’ve received your invitation, it’s important to respond within the first three to four weeks. Before responding, check if you have any engagements that were planned beforehand to allow time for reorganization. If you’re certain you’ll be able to make the wedding, reply yes and follow any additional instructions that may be on the invite. If you’re unable to attend, reply no with a short personal note thanking the couple-to-be for the invitation. And remember, a follow up phone call doesn’t hurt after letting the couple know you’re unable to make it.

We know it’s hard to decline a wedding invitation or any special occasion’s invitation, but it is better to say that you’re unable to make it than to inconvenience a couple with last minute changes.

Never, Never, Never:

  • Ask if you can bring a guest or the reason why a particular individual was not invited
  • Ask if you can bring your pet (yes, this has happened before)
  • Request any changes to your meal selection once it has been made
  • Text replying if you will be in attendance if not indicated to do so on the invitation

Planning a wedding can be stressful but deciding how and who should surround you with love and support on your big day should not. With a little organization and help from Eventbrite, you can kiss the pressures and worry of coordinating your invitations goodbye.