Behind the Scenes: What to Expect From your Day of Coordinator

What makes a great wedding and event coordinator? Is it their ability to stay organized with clearly labeled binder tabs or is more about their knack for calming down even the most hysterical bride? No matter what you think the most significant attribute for a respectable coordinator is, Ashton Gardens planners hold those qualities in spades.

In addition to being some of the most skilled and experienced planners in the industry, Ashton Gardens coordinators possess a talent for producing incredibly elaborate events. The question the coordinators get more often than not is, “What exactly do you do for us on the day of the wedding?” In keeping with tradition, we are going to start from the beginning, well before the wedding event takes place.

IMG_3927From the moment you reserve Ashton Gardens, all the coordinators from our planning team contact the host and bride with an email of important dates, payment reminders and to-do lists. While you don’t typically meet with a specific planner until you get much closer to your wedding date, the entire coordination staff is always available to meet well before those contracted planning meetings. So all those questions you think are silly and you think you have nowhere to turn to, she answers those.

image1 (002)In no time at all, your first big planning meeting is around the corner. Once you get roughly 60 days out, your day of planner is assigned to you and that’s when the fun begins. You make arrangements for a face to face meeting and really start going over the inspirations for your big day. After the meeting, a Banquet Event Order is emailed for review. Your second meeting takes place weeks after that to finalize all your decisions and make sure everything is just as you envisioned. So all that planning that you were stressed to take on by yourself, she plans.

IMG_59311Then, before you know it, your wedding day is hours away and it’s time to rehearse for the ceremony. While the reception is always a great memory maker, the ceremony is why all your friends and family gather. To see such a momentous occasion is really a special thing and getting it right is exceptionally important. So all of those rehearsal details you were worried about trying to figure out in your head, she orchestrates.

And on that life changing day, your coordinator does everything from setting up décor to making sure all the parents have tissue the entire day. From ensuring the lighting is perfect for your first dance to packing up all of you and your family’s personal items and waving good bye. She doesn’t just tell you what to do on your wedding day, she demonstrates the best method for every tradition. She forms bonds with your family that last a lifetime. Our planners are by your side from start to finish so worrying about your guests and how everything will get to where it needs to go at the end of the night, she does that.

So we think the better question to ask it, what does my wedding coordinator not do?

Join us next week as we give you a glimpse at our operations staff and the waitstaff with the best customer service in town.