Behind the Scenes: Touring and Why First Impressions are Everything

There is something inherently calming about selecting a wedding venue that takes care of so many details. From fine in house linens to a wedding coordinator that will keep you on point, so many ideas and details organically come together so you don’t have to agonize over everything little thing. Or do they?

It’s easy to ignore how truly difficult it can be to bring together concepts and visions for what most consider to be the most important day of their life. The team of people it requires to make so many plans come together takes an exceptional amount of dedication. So what if you had the opportunity to see the people that are responsible for preparing for your special day and the process for each event? Would it make it more special? In this four part blog series, we are going to take you behind the scenes for a look at the employees that never get an introduction, the level of leadership this industry requires and how teamwork is the only answer for special events.

small blog photo 2In a nutshell, there is a proposal and a ring with the very important promise of “yes, I will marry you”. It’s then that you realize the next most important thing to have is a place to say “I do”. While not all venues are created equal, all-inclusive locations have been in demand for quite some time. The hassle free options and impeccable customer service give you a piece of mind you’ve only dreamt about. For venues like Ashton Gardens, this starts with a simple tour.

Small blog photo 1Viewing a wedding venue is a chance to see if you envision yourself walking down their aisle or having your first dance with your new spouse on their dancefloor. While a facility can look picture perfect, there are without a doubt a significant amount of people and details you never see. For Ashton Gardens, our grounds and housekeeping staff combined with our sales team make up the experience as a whole. The spotless ballroom is a product of the most qualified and caring housekeeper. Our pristine trellis is result of our groundskeeper tirelessly power washing the picture worthy structure.

small blog photo 4And after your initial meeting, the contact doesn’t stop. Our sales team maintains communication until every question is answered and our couples are sold on the experience and not just the place. Once you make Ashton Gardens your wedding day address, that’s when the fun begins. The tour may be done but the planning is just beginning.

Next week, follow our coordinators as they sit down for meetings, office work and rehearsals leading up to one brides big day.