Behind the Scenes: How the Details Happen

January 15, 2016

Behind the Scenes: How the Details Happen

In the weeks leading up to your event, your planning starts to wind down and for Ashton Gardens, it means crunch time. When you host any type of occasion at our facilities, be prepared for even the smallest details to be covered and your worries to vanish in thin air. Our expertly trained and skilled operations team and service staff know everything it takes to be the best and they spare no expense to guarantee an event full of fond memories and hassle-free moments.

Organization is everything. Just like your planning, our staff at Ashton Gardens pushes relentlessly on the days following up to your event to make certain all the elements are spot-on.

ServerBEO Meeting and The Details– Weeks before your event even takes place, all of our departments sit down for that’s called BEO meeting. BEO stands for Banquet Event Order and is essentially where all of your event details get put into black and white for servers and other staff to guarantee every person is on the same page. These event orders offer a comprehensive understanding of the timeline, room set as well as menu and any other special requests you may have. You want champagne in your bridal suite before the wedding? You got it, champagne flutes included. Aunt Lisa has a major shellfish allergy and needs a different meal than everyone else? Chef can make it happen. All of these details are highlighted so those distinct requests are never missed.

Room SetSetting the Ballroom– One of the best things about Ashton Gardens is that we set your room for you. This doesn’t just mean a table with a bland linen. From fabulous fine china and flatware to simply impressive Frette linens, the level of customer service and attention to detail are what sets us apart from any and all other all-inclusive venue options. Not interested in using our in house linens? Rent the perfect shade of dusty rose or midnight blue and have them delivered to us. We still set them up for you.

Did you think we forgot napkins, flatware and glassware? Well we didn’t. For you, there is no napkin folding or glassware and silverware polishing, no, no, you get to take it easy. Your family gets to be your family and not the setup crew. On a day like this, you never want to miss a beat.

SteveYour Event Day Staff– So as if a day of coordinator wasn’t enough, you have an entire team that executes all of those special particulars on your big day. For instance, your wait staff. No matter what type of dinner reception you opt for, a full service staff is included to wait on all of your friends and family. Have a bar? Your bartender is included. Our servers are the finest in the industry and demonstrate that from the moment your friends and family set foot on property.

Also included are event managers that oversee every aspect of the day. From server uniform checks to making sure everyone is pleased with their guest experience, our Director of Operations and Operations Manager work diligently to ensure all is as perfect as possible.

As we come to the end of our Behind the Scenes journey, join us next week as we take you into our kitchen to see how fresh our food is and how capable our culinary team can be.

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