Ask the Experts: Cake Basics from Cakes by Gina

December 4, 2015

Ask the Experts: Cake Basics from Cakes by Gina

Planning a wedding is very exciting and stressful for a couple and their family.  There are so many decisions that have to be made. It’s not only the joining of two people, but it is also the joining and celebration of two families. Apart from the rings, dress, flowers, venue, food, music, there is the decision of the wedding cake. The wedding cake is an important element at the reception. Not only is it a piece of art and decoration for the event, but the bride and groom get to taste it and share it with their guest.

Gina cake 2Wedding cakes are continually evolving. With the introduction of the Food Network and so many other similar cake shows, the ideas that have emerged with wedding cake design are endless. Now with social media, designs are all over the board.  When choosing a wedding cake, we recommend for the bride and groom to share what is important to them.

When choosing the design, play with the ideas or theme that are incorporated for the wedding. Design inspiration can come from the invite, dress, any picture from social media, and any color pallet. Take time with your baker and discuss not only the design of the cake but also the flavors and the presentation. Do you prefer buttercream or fondant? Really consider all of your options.

Gina cake 1Next, think about the shape of the cake. Round tends to be more traditional where square lends itself to a more modern feel. Then, find a flavor that will be a representation of what the bride and groom enjoy. From a traditional and classic bridal white cake with vanilla buttercream, to something exotic that includes passion fruit, green tea, any nuts, there are so many flavor options to sift through.

Taking the time to choose the perfect wedding cake is as important as choosing any element for the wedding reception.  It is also one of the most enjoyable decisions that a couple have to make because in the process, not only you get to play with the design, but you also get to taste delicious cakes.