Ask the Experts: Lauren B Jewelry Talks Moissanites and Diamonds

By Taylor Lanore, Diamond & Design Consultant

Lauren B is very excited to be collaborating with Ashton Gardens on their blog this week, and I wanted to properly introduce us and give you some information about what we do before I jump into the fun stuff!

Lauren B is a family owned fine jewelry company based in New York City. We are most well known for our custom engagement ring design program combined with our extensive inventory of competitively priced diamonds and gemstones. We work with our clients both locally and remotely (about 75% of our clients work with us remotely and internationally!) to choose and customize a beautiful setting + select a beautiful center stone. Our settings are handmade here in New York City to suite the exact measurements, shape, and size of any center stone for a perfectly seamless and delicate look.

We love working with so many different center stones, but today I wanted to tell you all about moissanites.

Moissanite naturally occurs in the earth just as diamond, but is in fact even more rare! This is why it’s being created in labs to accommodate the high demand for the beautiful stone.

Moissanite is known as a diamond alternative that looks almost identical to a diamond but is available for a fraction of the price. We use Charles & Colvard moissanite which is of superior quality and comes with a manufacturers warranty. It comes in a variety of shapes and qualities but we work most frequently with the Forever One line which features stones in the colorless (D-E-F) range. Moissanites are known for their higher refractive index, emitting about 30% more rainbow spectrum color than diamond. This is a quality that our clients can’t get enough of! For a diamond alternative that looks nearly identical to a diamond, check out the Charles and Colvard Forever One round brilliants. We see first hand that 95% of our clients cannot spot which one is the real diamond when we place one next to a round brilliant C&C moissanite! Charles and Colvard Forever One moissanites are about $800 per carat as compared to diamonds which are $6,000-$10,000 per carat.

We also work with Harro gem moissanites if you’re interested in a more elongated shape as the C&C ovals, radiants, and cushions are not quite as elongated as real diamonds can be. Harro’s are wonderful in this way and show a little less rainbow spectrum color. You can see a video comparing the Charles and Colvard moissanites to the Harro gem moissanites on our page here:

Otherwise, we have an extensive diamond video gallery and you can view more videos of diamonds and moissanites being compared side by side to get an idea of just how similar they appear:

We sell both the Harro and Charles and Colvard moissanites for the same price that they are sold on their respected vendor websites, so you can count on getting the absolutely best price for these stones when working with us. You can view a handful of our completed moissanite engagement ring designs here:

At Lauren B, we know that client education is so important when making such a special purchase. We love creating informative videos for our clients to watch, whether they be of loose stones or completed ring and band designs.

We so look forward to working with Ashton gardens on more blog posts, and with you on your design! You can contact us at to begin learning more about designing your custom creation today and can read all about working with us remotely here: