Ashton Gardens Spotlight Profile: Addason Lamb

March 4, 2015

Ashton Gardens Spotlight Profile: Addason Lamb

Addason Lamb

Photo courtesy of Fairy Tale Photography

Name: Addason Lamb Title: Wedding and Event Coordinator

How do you feel about the pantone color of the year, Marsala? Its a really pretty color! I think it would make for a beautiful bridesmaids dress color or just an accent color. I know some brides might see it strictly as a fall color but I think in a lighter shade, it could work year round.


What is your favorite part about wedding day? (Preparation, special events, end,etc) Why?  My favorite part of a wedding is definitely when the couple makes their way down the aisle after being announced as husband and wife. I loves seeing how happy they both are once they have tied the knot. All the craziness from the planning goes away and they can start to enjoy their new life together.


Candy bar, cookie bar or popcorn bar? Which is your favorite? I like a cookie bar because I LOVE cookies and milk. I really like it when there is an assortment and you can top cookie with different sprinkles or icing.


What is your favorite thing about Ashton Gardens? I love how Ashton Gardens is all inclusive. I feel like it makes the wedding planning a less stressful for the bride and lets them budget as realistically as possible.


What is your favorite food to eat at Ashton Gardens? My favorite food at Ashton Gardens would be the coconut crusted chicken bites with the Mild Ancho Cream. I will never get tired of them.


If you were getting married, what is your dream honeymoon? I would go on a 2 week long cruise around Europe or Fiji. I love to take cruises and I’ve never been to Europe. Fiji is just a good idea all the time.