Ashton Gardens Menu Sampling: Why You Love Them & What You Learn

April 26, 2019

Ashton Gardens Menu Sampling: Why You Love Them & What You Learn

With our menu sampling just weeks away, planning is well under way at Ashton Gardens. When you book your event at any location, your agreement includes a date for a quarterly menu sampling, one of the most enjoyable parts of wedding prep. But what are menu samplings? How are they structured and what’s the benefit of attending? Keep reading for answers to questions like these and many more.


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Cocktail Time

Upon arrival, guests check in with our Sales & Planning team. There, we hand out name tags, raffle tickets for prizes and info on the evening and material on what to expect in the coming months of planning. At the same time, a variety of hors d’ oeuvres and drinks are tray passed in the hallways and ballroom.

Not only is our staff available to answer any quick questions before things get started, but you also have a chance to socialize with other couples that are going through the exact same peaks and valleys you’re experiencing.



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Before, during and after the actual tasting portion of the night, each area of the facility is open for self-guided tours. In our chapel, dimly lit can lights and soft rays of sun mingle for an impeccable indoor-outdoor view. Candlelight lines the aisle and gentle acoustic music plays for an exceptionally picturesque surrounding.

In the ballrooms, tables are decorated with our white and ivory linens along with elegant in-house centerpieces and dinnerware, all of which are included when you secure your date.

Finally, take a stroll down our hallways where you’ll spot our built-in bars and stylish table décor from end to end. There’s so much to see and doing it with tasty treats and flavorful sips is an added bonus.


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Dinner & Service

Couples already know that our menu options are endless but getting a chance to sample items from across the menu is vital to the planning process. We begin our tastings with a soup or salad course, followed by an intermezzo (palate cleanser). Every menu comes with a salad but you can customize your menu to include a soup instead and add the intermezzo if you fancy a little something extra.

With the main course, and in an effort to offer several options, we display our selections in a buffet style setting. Our operations team releases guests by table to go through the buffet, just as they would on the event day, which means no back-up at the stations. From there, guests make their way back to their tables where our wait staff is refilling drinks and checking on everyone in case they need something.

Finally, we round out the evening with a delicious cake from one of our preferred vendors and raffle off some great prizes.

Our goal with these events is to establish confidence in not only the quality and presentation of the food, but to also give a first-hand look at possible reception styles and our outstanding service staff. Our booked couples receive insight on what their guests will experience, making them an invaluable part to wedding planning. Knowing your guests will be taken care of the day of your wedding is just one of the many boxes you can check off your list once you’ve attended an Ashton Gardens tasting.