Ashton Gardens Houston West in Photos

July 16, 2015

Ashton Gardens Houston West in Photos

If you are as excited as we are about the newest Ashton Gardens property opening in West Houston, then we have a treat for you! This labor of love had so many amazing people behind it, there is no way to thank every one individually. But we can say, to those hard hat brides that took a chance on a pile of dirt with a sign stuck in the ground, we thank you for your trust. To the new hires that trained rigorously and without a single grumble, we thank you for joining us on this amazing, new ride. To the contractors that helped us build this stunning facility, we appreciate your patience and willingness to see how important this endeavor was from day one. And last but not least, to the Ashton Gardens leaders that made this new property a priority, we thank you for the long days and countless hours. We know this venue wouldn’t have been possible without each individual person and contribution. So, after months of hard work, training and team building, we are so pleased to share with you Ashton Gardens Houston West.

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If you loved this sneak peak of our newest location, come see everything in person! Stop by for your tour today or call a sales representative to get more information. 18002 Clay Rd. – Houston, TX – 77084 – (281) 656-2449

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