Ashton Gardens Employee Profile: Tara Dykstra

Tara D. AGA

Photo provided by Taun Henderson Photography

Name: Tara Dykstra

Title: Wedding and Event Coordinator


What is your favorite part about the wedding day? I love the moment when we open the chapel doors and everyone sees the bride for the first time. I get goose bumps every time I talk about it at rehearsals! I’d probably cry every time if I were inside the chapel to see it happen rather than outside opening the door.

What are your hobbies outside of Ashton Gardens? I really enjoy going to the gym and attempting my “DIY Pins” on Pinterest! Not always successfully, but I really love crafting, painting, baking, the whole 9 yards!

What is your favorite food to eat at Ashton Gardens?  I love the Mac & Cheese Bar! Total kid at heart.

What is your favorite first dance song? I love the songs that aren’t “typical first dance songs” but mean something to the bride and groom, like “Wagon Wheel”. Of course, Train’s “Marry Me” holds a special place in my heart too since it was my first dance with my husband!

Candy bar, cookie bar or popcorn bar? Totally cookie bar! Takes me back to my “Milk and Cookies” days! Again, total kid at heart!

What is your favorite thing about Ashton Gardens? As weird as it sounds, I absolutely love the way it smells! I am a huge clean freak and it always smells so clean and new, like it was just built and still brand new!