Ashton Gardens Donates Land Along Cypress Creek to Bayou Land Conservancy

In May 2014, Ashton Gardens’ owner, Rex Grey, made a phone call that would forge a partnership with an organization that no one saw coming. After a little negotiation and lots of paperwork, Ashton Gardens made a land donation to the Bayou Land Conservancy with a simple plan in mind; conserve, sustain and protect.

The land donation included 11+ acres located on the Cypress Creek greenway. Aside from elevated landscaping and an impressive bayou system, the land also offered the largest sumac tree in Texas. Now in expert hands, the Bayou Land Conservancy plans to make subtle adjustments to the property in hopes that one day, the Ashton Gardens Preserve can offer brides beautiful photo opportunities and special moments for years to come.

Ashton Gardens is beyond thrilled for what this partnership will produce as well as the amazing care that this precious piece of land will receive.

To learn more about the BayouLand Conservancy and the impact they have on preserving natural habitats in Houston click here.