Ashton Gardens DFW Celebrates 5th Anniversary

July 31, 2015

Ashton Gardens DFW Celebrates 5th Anniversary

On any journey, you don’t necessarily remember the final destination as much as you remember the memories along the way. In just five short years, Ashton Gardens DFW has grown to be one of the most reputable wedding venues in the North Texas area. From tremendously successful sparkling celebrity weddings to influential corporate meetings, we have always understood that we are only as accomplished as the individuals we work with.

The moment Ashton Gardens DFW opened its doors, we knew it would be a very special place, but we never dreamed of cultivating relationships with some of the industries finest to create that environment. We invited some of our preferred vendors to weigh in on some of their favorite moments while working with Ashton Gardens and without a doubt, they are some of our favorite too.


“It’s so tough to pick just one. Ashton Gardens is like our second home so we are there a lot! If I am thinking about moments that surprised me the most, it would have to be a wedding we did for a groom that was a youth minister. The Ceremony was beautiful, they washed each others feet, and that was the first time I had seen that at a wedding. The couple was great in the planning and wanted to surprise everyone during their first dance. As conservative as everyone thought the night was going to be, the couple brought the typical, sweet first dance song to a screeching halt and broke out the Harlem Shake. It was awesome!

“Aside from that, they just did fun stuff. Their guests toasted with old fashioned Coca Cola bottles, had an awesome coffee bar and gave a stacked date night basket to the couple that won the Longest Wed Dance. Couldn’t have enjoyed the event more!” –Nate Nelson (LeForce Entertainment)


”Specifically thinking about Ashton Gardens, my favorite moments happen behind the scenes.  I love gathering around the table in the vendor break room during dinner and catching up with old friends in the industry.  AG provides such amazing food that we always leave our quick dinner breaks full, happy and ready to rock out the rest of the event.  They don’t only take absolute top care of their clients, they genuinely take care of us vendors and on behalf of all of us at Fairy Tale, we are very appreciative of the hospitality and kind staff.  It’s not just a place to get married, I see every client building their relationship with the rockstar coordinating team and vendors in the months prior to the event. I love seeing the hugs at the end of the night as the couple prepares for their exit, and the relationships with the vendors as we all truly feel like family coming together to carry out a night of fun and bliss for our clients!” Shawn Marie V. (Fairy Tale Photography) 


“How beautiful a wedding we did last October turned out in the chapel and reception room. Rich deep blue and blush with Gold accents! 

“It was one of my favorites! Could not have been in a more perfect venue!” –Donna S. (Out of the Garden)


“As a wedding photographer I watch the weather days before we are scheduled to photograph so we can make a plan for photos. Well, sadly, the rain was coming down all day for one bride and groom of mine that had really wanted to have their photos done outside. We did as much as we could inside the chapel but that one shot they truly wanted was not able to happen UNTIL our wedding coordinator said, “Hey, the rain has stopped for a minute and we have UMBRELLAS!”

The bride and groom were on board to go outside and pose under umbrellas for that one shot of the chapel in the background and there it was. We ended up taking some really fun and romantic photos with the use of the facility umbrellas. I cannot express in words how wonderful the team at Ashton Gardens is to their clients and the vendors that they work with.” –Karen S. (Karen Scruggs Photography)


“So many moments come to mind when thinking back over the past years when we’ve had the pleasure to DJ weddings at Ashton Gardens. One of the more memorable weddings of which we were a part was a half Indian and half American wedding.  The couple had both a traditional Indian ceremony and a Christian ceremony. As tradition goes for the Indian ceremony, the groom makes a grand entrance to the place where the ceremony is performed – the grander it is, the better it is. Since he wasn’t allowed to sky dive into Ashton Gardens due to the number of trees surrounding the landing area and his plan B of riding in on a elephant didn’t work out (renting an elephant in DFW is a little tough), the groom acquired a huge white horse and rode in upon it from the top of the hill at Ashton Gardens Lane and Post Oak, preceded by his dancing mother and a traditional Indian drummer! Not to be outdone by her groom, the bride arrived in style shortly after, carried into the chapel on a traditional Doli (4 person carrier car).  It was the envy of Disney-loving brides everywhere!

“The amount of work and attention to detail put in by the Ashton staff, from the coordinators to the culinary team who masterfully created a traditional Indian menu, was enormously impressive. The end result far surpassed the expectations of the client. Truly, it was a wedding that only could have successfully happened at Ashton!” –Tony and Amanda T. (Groovin DJ)


“I can remember our first and only Jewish wedding we did at Ashton Gardens. While working on the Chuppa, I was approached by a lady and was told she was the Rabbi’s wife… She says, ” Do you have an idea of what the bride is expecting her Chuppa to look like.” I thought I did, but a wave of panic spread all over me…What did this lady know that I didn’t…  Just a few moments later, I heard a slight commotion at the back of the chapel, I turned to see it was the bride and her mother exclaiming how perfect it all was. I turned to the Rabbi’s wife and said, “Nailed it”. She left without uttering a word…..

“Ashton Gardens hold so may special memories for me and my business. The staff is always so very friendly and personable. Like going home… It always seems like a team effort and boy what a team they have assembled…. It is the best Chapel in the metroplex.. So many happy brides we have seen there.” -John M. (a Man and a Women Floral)

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