Ashton Gardens Coordinators Weigh in on 2016 Wedding Trends

Have no fear, the experts are here! With Ashton Gardens locations located throughout the United Stated, we are so lucky to have the most elite insight from some of the best in the business. Stuck in a creative rut? Not sure how to make your details pop? Well we checked in with our Wedding & Event Coordinators and they gave us the inside scoop on the most popular special touches in 2016.

One of my favorite, current trends is having an ‘unplugged sign’ in the ceremony. Too often I see these beautiful bridal entrance pictures only to have it mucked up by half the guests sticking out their phones for a photo as well. Or better yet, Aunt Sally jumping in front of the photographer right as the kiss is happening. A simple ‘unplugged sign’ reminds guests to enjoy the love and commitment shown between the couple at their ceremony; let the professional take care of the photography.” –Samantha G., Ashton Gardens DFW


I really love all of the metallic hues that are in this season, especially rose gold. Metallic accents, whether its jewelry, centerpieces, or spray painted florals, really add just the right amount of class, but originality as well, to any wedding.”Amanda B., Ashton Gardens Houston North


My favorite wedding trend this year would be the unity wine box ceremony, I think it is a fun take on a unity ceremony for wine drinkers! I love that the bride and groom write notes to one another and put it in the box with a bottle of their favorite wine (or wine made in that year) and then one year later open it and read each other’s letters over a bottle of wine.”Bethany S., Ashton Gardens Houston West


Metallics are very versatile. Picture a black and white wedding with a gold metallic sequins table cloth on the head table. It adds a pop of color, but it is still elegant.” –Addason L., Ashton Gardens DFW


I am loving the lace that has been appearing for the last several years, I think it is timeless and elegant!” –Carrie M., Ashton Gardens Atlanta