Our Fairy Tale Started Here

We (Keith and Sarah) started Walters Wedding Estates after we purchased and lived onsite at The Wildwood Inn (Denton, TX) in 2005. We hadn’t been out of college for very long and while we spent a lot of time proving ourselves, we were also learning the hospitality industry in the most “hands-on” approach possible.


It didn’t take us long to realize that we had a model that we could duplicate without losing authenticity. The key was surrounding ourselves with like-minded employees and giving them the freedom to own their success. When you do this, there are no limits to where people can go and that is something that makes for a positive experience for everyone involved. We both play an active role in Walters Wedding Estates to this day, but we are just two people and if you ask us “who the Walters are” we will tell you there are a lot of us!


– Keith & Sarah Walters


Our Core Values are Passion, Excellence, Teamwork, Positivity, Embracing of Change, and Own Your Success!

Here is what they mean to us:

Passion: Caring deeply about what we do

Excellence: Discipline and daily commitment to achieve continued improvement

Teamwork: Accepting responsibility for team success through the cooperation of individual skills

Positivity: A conscious choice to be optimistic and supportive at all times

Embracing of Change: Adaptability and Flexibility towards accepting change as an opportunity for growth

The Highest Level of Service

Philanthropic Efforts

In addition to being keystone members of the hospitality industry, Ashton Gardens continues its work on initiatives to support and enhance local and nation causes including veteran charities, various universities and non-profits.

About Ashton Gardens

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