6 Tips to Prepare for Your Engagement Photo Session

November 15, 2018

6 Tips to Prepare for Your Engagement Photo Session

Congrats–the question was popped and you said yes to forever with your best friend! As celebrations begin to dwindle down, it’s time to begin the planning process. One of the first things on your very long list of to-dos is to get your engagement photos taken. While it is certainly not required, getting these photos taken is a nice chance to get some memorable pictures of you and your fiancé as well as to show off your ring! Not sure where to begin with this process? Below are some tips on how you can prepare to capture your love.


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Choose the proper setting: Select a setting that fits both of your personalities and has meaning. Sports lovers? Look into the option of having your local sporting arena as a backdrop. Are you an outdoorsy couple? Have your photographer tag along on your next hike. Or maybe you are homebodies? In that case, have an in-home session while you are cuddled on your couch watching a movie or cooking your favorite meal together. It is also important to keep in mind the time of day you’d like your session to take place, as lighting has a lot to do with capturing the perfect moment. If you’re looking for a romantic sunset to have in the background, make sure to schedule accordingly. Planning for the specifics is a good thing to keep in mind!


What to wear: Choosing the perfect outfit for your engagement photos can be overwhelming. Before you run off to the mall, scan through your wardrobe first or ask ask a friend to borrow something if you’re tired of what you own. Select attire that you find the most flattering and that you feel the most comfortable in. It’s important to also keep in mind the weather on the day you’re shooting based on your location. When deciding on how you and your partner should dress, remember to compliment each other, but don’t match too much. Look for solid prints and neutral colors and try to stay away from anything too busy, as it can be an unneeded distraction in your photos.


Get A Manicure:

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Your new fiancé probably put a lot of time and thought into getting you a ring you would love. Compliment your sparkly new engagement ring with a fresh manicure that will help show off that gorgeous new bling. Just like with your outfit, make sure to choose a subtle, neutral color that won’t take away from your rock, but instead compliment it. That way, when it’s time for your ring’s close up during your photos, your nails will be camera ready!


Clean your ring(s): You must have shown off your new bling countless times to family and friends and maybe even complete strangers! After all of that, your ring is bound to become a bit dirty, not to mention from your day to day activity as well. Take some time to clean your ring before your shoot. Just how you feel about how you look, you want your ring to be it’s best self as well! If you and your partner have your wedding bands purchased already and plan to feature them in your photos, make sure they are full of shine as well! However, if you are still looking, consider browsing through online jewelry sites, like Blue Nile for example, who offer multiple different wedding band styles. You’ll be sure to find the perfect match!


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Get your hair and makeup done:This is not only a good way to look great in your photos, but to also gives you the ability to test out hair and makeup styles and stylists to make sure you like and that the styles you chose photograph well. If you have an idea of the hairstyle and makeup you want for the day of your wedding, having a trial run the morning of your engagement shoot will give you an opportunity to get a sneak peak of how you’ll look on your actual wedding day. Not to mention, getting all dolled up to get your picture taken isn’t the worst thing ever!


Come with ideas: Your session will go very smooth if you come with ideas for the shots you want taken. Do your research with your partner before you show up. Dig in to resources like Pinterest to help you come up with poses you’d like to see captured. Not everyone is camera friendly, so it is perfectly normal to seek inspiration from others! In addition to having inspiration for what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to trust your photographer. Chances are, they have a lot of experience capturing engaged couples, and they might have some ideas to help you feel comfortable and get that perfect shot.