4 Wedding Misconceptions Every Bride Has

I was talking with a friend the other day and she mentioned to me that her parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary just recently. All her mom could talk about was how different weddings are now days compared to back then and I couldn’t help but notice the differences myself. Although a majority of them maintain the basic concept, ceremony, reception, exit, I noticed the things that weren’t traditional were the things that stood out for me. The out of the ordinary elements presented me with a deeper appreciation for my friends’ wedding and a nagging feeling I should help foster the idea that brides should journey outside the box for their own special day.


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1. You have to walk down the aisle to the bridal march with your dad.

Families are so different these days that it’s not fair to assume this is the traditional option anymore. With that said, walk down the aisle with whoever you want and however you want. Share the occasion with multiple family members or have your favorite song played as you walk towards your future husband. This moment is one of the most important for your entire day and should be the truest reflection of yourself.


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2. Your dress has to be white.

Your dress can be and look however you want it. Be bold if classic isn’t your style or bring on the lace if you are going for a timeless experience. In any case, always bear in mind that if you want a pretty pink tea length dress or a girlie gray ball gown, go for it. It’s incredibly beneficial in the planning process to remember the context of your wedding and what your theme is when selecting your dream dress.


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3. Having a bridal party is a must.

After hundreds of weddings, I have a tendency to think I have seen it all. From bridal parties with ten people on the bride’s side alone to couples that opt for no bridal party at all, every scenario is suitable. The trick here is to include friends and family that have seen your relationship grow. Gone are the days you include all your childhood friends, sorority sisters and casual acquaintances.



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4. I can’t see the groom before the wedding. 

The moment the groom sees the bride walking down the aisle is always a tear jerk-er but for a lot of grooms, those moments are extra special without a room full of people watching. While a first look isn’t traditional, it’s without a doubt a simple solution to eliminate those pre-ceremony jitters. Not only do you get to shake the tension associated with the nuptials, but you also get some really beautiful and candid photos of an even more gorgeous and intimate celebration.