4 Wedding Day Must Haves

Any good foundation for a wedding has a few key elements that are guaranteed to produce a brilliant event. Sure you can have the tallest cake and the best DJ, but without the basic wedding day must haves, your event could be in for an interesting turn of events.


Dance Floor

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This space is usually the focal point for all of the major events for your wedding. First dance, toasts and even the garter and bouquet toss. Aside from the formal events that take place, you also want to account for an awesome space for your guests to let loose and party and what better way to do that than with a generous sized dance floor.




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Picturesque Scenery

As much as you would love to take your dream venue home with you, your photos are really the only thing you have left once your dream day concludes. Make sure that the venue you select has photo opportunities that will truly capture your wedding day and all the beauty that is posses.


Amazing Food

Houston Wedding Food 3Whether you decide to do heavy hors d’ oeuvres or a five course table served dinner, make certain your food is unforgettable. Meals give your guests an opportunity to reconnect and spend time with fellow guests while filling up on what will be their fuel for the evening. Always remember, the meal is about quality.



Katie Lamb Photography Daytime Exit

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Make an Exit

The end of the evening is the last thing your guests will remember so depending on what your venue allows and doesn’t allow, think outside the box and find something that your guests won’t forget. Silk petals and bubbles are always fun but consider paper airplanes if your groom is a pilot or lavender for a pretty and fragrant departure.